Larry Brooks

Meet Larry Brooks, the best hairstylist in Greenville SC

Meet Larry Brooks, the best hairstylist in Greenville SC

Larry has been a professional hairstylist, color artist, curl carver, color expert, and overall creator of hair that makes heads turn for over 30 years. He is considered by many to be the best hairstylist in Greenville SC.

Originally from the Baton Rouge Louisiana area, he recently moved to Greenville SC from Jacksonville FL where he had owned a hair salon for 14 years. He has now lived in Greenville for 4 years and is the owner of Hair Bella Salon, a beautiful, upscale salon located in downtown Greenville specializing in the artistry of hair where every hairstylist are trained educators and hair color specialists.

Larry is recognized in the industry for discovering two separate haircutting techniques. He first discovered a cutting technique called Volumextrix, which helps create more volume and texture for fine limp hair; then created and pioneered a haircutting technique called “Curl Carving” which remove excess bulk and creates a softer, looser look for naturally curly hair.

Larry was proud to have been a salon educator and Core Team member for Paul Brown Hawaii and was been involved in many hair shows, traveling to places such as Boston, Savannah, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Orlando. Larry has never given up developing his custom techniques and exploring others as he pursues his dream of becoming one of the best hair stylists in the world.

Over time I have discovered the secrets to creating beautiful natural looking, vibrant hair. As a Master Hairstylist and Artist my goal is not only beautiful hair, but also that my clients are able to recreate what I do for them in their own mirror at home. – Larry Brooks